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Calories in a Banana

Banana is one of the most loved fruit in the world, especially among those who live in tropical climates. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and the colors could be different when ripe. More commonly noted colors are yellow, red, and purple. In term of edible bananas, they primarily come from 2 wild species, i.e. Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Banana cultivation is fairly widespread among countries in the tropical zone and they are not restricted to the above mentioned species. This is because while usual cultivation tends to target their fruits, there are banana growers who are after its fiber, banana wine, and as an ornamental plant.

Since many people are favor of banana, not many people consider how many calories in a banana seriously. Let's now have a look of the calories in a banana, to see whether it's suitable for those who care about daily calories in take.

Breakdown of Nutrients and Calories in a Banana

Size Calories Fat Carbohydrate Protein
Medium(7" to 7-7/8")118g 105 0.4g 27.0g 1.3g
Small(6"-6-7/8”)101g 90 0.3g 23.1g 1.1g
Large(8" to 8-7/8") 136.0 g 121 0.4g 31.1g 1.5g
Extral Smal (<6") (81.0g) 72 0.3g 18.5g 0.6g
Extral Large(>=9")(152.0g) 135 0.5g 34.7g 1.7g

Banana calories, which happen to be in the range of 72 to 130 (ranging from 6 inch to 9 inch banana), are just about right by standards established by the US FDA (Food and Drug Agency) given that human beings need to have the energy replenished daily. Additionally, there is no cholesterol and fat in the fruit, so it generally makes one of the healthier choices. However, banana is loaded with carbohydrates (with significant portions of sugar compared to dietary fiber). However, banana does provide us with vitamin A and vitamin C (these exist in large amount). There is also a reasonable presence of minerals like calcium and iron in a banana.

Pro and Cons of Banana in Term of Nutritious Value

In terms of health consideration, a zero content of cholesterol and fat inside banana makes it ideal for healthy food choice. The fact is also complimented by its low sodium composition. It also packs vitamin C in abundance.

On the flip-side, the high concentration of carbohydrate in bananas could be a concern. While the presence of dietary fiber is beneficial to human health, it is the other part of the carbohydrate, i.e. sugar, that is a problem. Banana's sugar content is relatively high and, of course, we all know that sugar is a common cause for a number of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Effectiveness of Banana as a Weight-Loss Agent

With all factors taken into consideration, since calories in a banana is relatively above average, banana is not exactly the perfect nutrient choice for people who are fighting weight gain. Without a doubt, the zero content of both cholesterol and fat are encouraging, and because of its satisfying nature, Calories in Bananas are not likely to be a weighty issue. But the high proportion of sugar presence is going to be a real concern. If you are on low-carb diets as part of your efforts to restrain your weight gain, then chances are you are not going to make banana a part of your diet plan.

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