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SALADS… Many people think they are eating healthy by ordering a salad. Make sure you order "lowfat" or "nofat" dressing, standard dressing is usually loaded with fat.

Calories in Grapes

Without a doubt, the grape is one of the most cultivated tree fruits. Its influence on international diet is clear to see. Additionally, the most prominent by-product it produces, i.e. wine, enjoys a worldwide following. Experts have actually credited wine specifically (and to a more general extent, grapes) in bringing about desirable health effects. But moderate consumption of wine is the way to go.

Breakdown of Nutrients and Calories in Grapes

Size Calories Fat Carbohydrate Protein
1 cup(92.0 g) 62 0.3g 15.8g 0.6g
1grape(2.4g) 2 0.0g 0.4g 0.0g

For a serving size of 92g (or 1 cup), grapes calories of about 60 is closer to the low side according to standards established by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA). Furthermore, the fruit has no cholesterol and very little fat (consequently very low saturated fat), so it is widely regarded as a healthy fruit choice. However, grape contains a very high amount of carbohydrates (some of it in the form of dietary fiber, but sugar is the overwhelmingly majority portion). Grape is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C, which constitutes 6%) and minerals (like iron and calcium).

Pro and Cons of Grapes in Terms of Nutritional Value

Considering the fact that the calories in grape are just above 60, it may not be enough for daily energy requirements. The grape has no cholesterol and a very low count of saturated fat and sodium, so it naturally qualifies as a healthy fruit. It also packs a generous amount of vitamin C along with a decent quantity of useful minerals like iron and calcium.

But the big concern is the huge presence of carbohydrates. A part of it is in the form of dietary fiber, which is beneficial to human beings, but a really huge percentage of it is sugar. Sugar, of course, is known to have a direct link to certain disorders like obesity and diabetes.

Effectiveness of Grape as a Weight Loss Agent

Grape does not represent the best choice of food for people who are fighting their bulges. The zero cholesterol and low fat count will obviously help. And the low calories grapes contain should induce our metabolisms to work harder to get the required energy (which is always useful if you want to shed some pounds). This is due to the fact that the calories grapes are associated with are not enough for our daily calorie intake. However, the significant proportion of carbohydrates and, consequently, sugar inside grapes is going to be a problem. If your weight loss program incorporates low-carb diets, then you are likely not to include grapes into your diet plan.

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