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SALADS… Many people think they are eating healthy by ordering a salad. Make sure you order "lowfat" or "nofat" dressing, standard dressing is usually loaded with fat.

Calories in Carrots

Carrots are root plants or vegetables. They usually appear orange in color but there are other color variations, for example, the white, yellow, purple, and red versions. When a carrot is fresh, it usually has a crisp texture. Taproot is the part that is most commonly eaten, but there are people who go for the greens as well.

Breakdown of Nutrients and Calories in Carrots

Size Calories Fat Carbohydrate Protein
1 medium (61 g) 25 0.1g 5.8g 0.6g
1 small (5-1/2" long)(50g) 21 0.1g 4.8g 0.5g
1 large(7-1/2")(72g) 30 0.2g 6.9g 0.7g

In a serving size of 128g, carrots calories are considered to be relatively low by the US FDA (Food and Drug Agency) standard, which measure our daily calorie requirement. Additionally, there is no cholesterol in the carrots and fat usually exists in miniscule proportions. For this reason, they are thought to be healthy food choice. However, while the carbohydrate content is not exactly high, there is a significant proportion of sugar compared to dietary fiber. However, they are rich in vitamin A and C (both in abundant quantity) and a reasonably high amount of manganese and potassium.

Pro and Cons of Carrots in Term of Nutritious Value

From the health perspective, non-existent cholesterol and very little fat inside carrots makes them perfect as a healthy food choice. This fact is also complimented by their rich mineral content (such as manganese, potassium, and niacin) and very high vitamin A and vitamin C content.

Undoubtedly, the high concentration of carbohydrate in carrots may be a health risk. While dietary fiber has been known to bring nutritional benefits to human beings, sugar on the contrary will pose a problem. Its sugar content is relatively high and, we all know that researchers have established a direct connection between sugar and a number of chronic diseases like diabetic, obesity, etc.

Effectiveness of carrots as a Weight-Loss Agent

In a general sense, carrots are not necessarily the ideal choice of food for people who are fighting their bulges. The zero cholesterol and low fat count will obviously help, and the low calories carrots provide should spur our metabolisms to step up a gear (which is always useful if you want to shed some pounds). However, the significant proportion of sugar inside carrots is going to be a problem. If your weight-loss program incorporates low-carb diets, then you are likely to exclude carrots from your diet plan.

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