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SALADS… Many people think they are eating healthy by ordering a salad. Make sure you order "lowfat" or "nofat" dressing, standard dressing is usually loaded with fat.

Apple Calories

Apples are one of the most cultivated tree fruits. Its health benefits are cemented in folklore; who can forget about that catchy phrase "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". With its popularity among the young and not so young, it is little wonder that apples are a source of good income for its growers. Internationally, the demand and supply of apple is estimated to have contributed over $10 billion in worldwide economy.

Breakdown of Nutrients and Calories in Apple

Size Calories Fat Carbohydrate Protein
1 medium (3" 182.0g) 95 0.3g 25.1g 0.5g
1 small(2-3/4")(149g) 77 0.3g 20.6g 0.4g
1 large(3-1/4'')(223g) 116 0.4g 30.8g 0.6g
1 extra small(2-1/2'')(101g) 53 0.2g 13.9g 0.3g

For a medium-sized apple (about 3 inches in diameter or 180g), the calorie content of less than 100 is just about moderate by standards established by the FDA (US Food and Drug Agency). Further more, the fruit has no cholesterol, so it is widely regarded as a healthy choice. However, apples contain significant amounts of carbohydrates (some of it in the form of dietary fiber, but the bulk of this is just plain sugar). Apples are also laden with vitamins (especially vitamin C which constitutes 14%) and minerals (such as calcium and iron). In addition, apples are fat free.

Pro and Cons of Apple in Term of Nutritious Value

Considering the fact that the calories in an apple are just under 100, it represents a great choice as a source of energy. The zero cholesterol content and the very low count of saturated fat and sodium make apples a healthy fruit. It also packs reasonable amounts of vitamins and useful minerals like iron and calcium.

But the big concern is the huge presence of carbohydrates. A part of it is in the form of dietary fiber, which is beneficial to human beings, but a really huge percentage of it is sugar.

Effectiveness of Apple as a Weight-Loss Agent

There is just about the right amount of calories in apples, not excessively high and yet not overly low. These calories are necessary to provide us with energy for our daily activities. Unless one is severely overweight, the calories in apple should not trouble people too much. Obviously, the zero cholesterol fact is going to be helpful for those who want to watch their weight. But the high sugar presence is going to be a real concern.

For a serving size of 1oz(24 whole kernels), almond calories of 163(contributed 126 by fat) is just about moderate using standards established by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA). In addition, the fruit has little cholesterol, so it is generally considered a healthy choice. Minerals like calcium and iron do exist in abundance. However, almonds are loaded with fat do not provide any vitamins like, vitamin A and C.

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